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Blake Manor by Maghen Connolly


Blake Manor
Maghen Connolly
Genre: Supernatural Fiction
Date of Publication: August 23rd 2019
ISBN:  9781088498682
Number of pages: 407
Word Count: 90,938
Cover Artist: Michael Weick
Tagline: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.
Book Description:
Be careful what you wish for, you just might find it...
Kyra Blake just wanted the answers to who her mother was before she was born. What kind of family she was a part of. With her mother's untimely death years ago, she thought those were answers she would never receive, until a phone call changed her life. She discovers from one phone call, three things. A town deep in the backwoods of Maine that her mother was raised in. Within that town a house she never knew her family owned. All left to her by an uncle she never knew existed. Finally, she will discover, along this trip to the deep parts of Maine, not only who her mother was, but who she truly is as well. She will learn of a legacy that she cannot escape, one covered in mystery, shrouded in blood, and fated from the moment she took her first breath.
She wants answers, well she's about to get them. The only question is, can she live with what she discovers...
Within the halls of Blake Manor, secrets will feed off of you. Family secrets will be discovered, and the past is never at rest, it's just been waiting for Kyra to come home...

20 years…
It's always been this way. 20 years of laying my head on my pillow at night just to wake up the folliwing day exhausted and confused . A feeling of melancholy always consuming me. It’s getting to the point that I am begging to question what’s real and what’s just in my mind. It all comes down to those damn dreams.
20 years I’ve dreamed of her. I don’t know her name or who she is, or if she’s even real. But I know the gentle touch of her hand as it reaches for mine. Know the power of her gaze as she uses there full weight to stare at me. Never once looking threw me but looking at me as if we are long forgotten friends. I smile at her as I always do and extend my hand towards her. Knowing that she will take it as she always has before.
20 years and we’ve never spoken, not one word. We just stand frozen before one another, not being able to say the things were really feeling. Or put into words the randomness and oddness of this recurring dream that we both seem to share. I slowly feel myself being pulled back into the world of the living. Into the world of reality and being pulled farther away from her. The one place even in silence I feel completely myself. How I hate to leave her.
She smiles at me as I begin to fade and soon wake. I can feel it almost cut into the air like a sharp blade. The change she looks behind her for the first time into the nothingness surrounding us. She turns back. Whipping her strawberry blonde hair out of place. Fear grips her angelic features I can see the fear in her Light green eyes.
‘Help Me’’.
Her voice cut through the quiet and makes me suck in a shaky breath. So beautiful she sounds even more so then I could have ever dreamed. This would be beautiful if I didn’t hear the complete terror in her voice.
I stand frozen I try to speak but it’s as if my lips are glued shut. She walks over towards me and places her hands on either side of my face. I avert my gaze for what felt like a mere moment but who knows how long it actually was. I see a mark on her wrist and try to adjust my eyes to get a clearer look. A Blue butterfly spreading out its wings is burned into her Right wrist.
A tattoo?
‘’Help me.’’.
She pleads with me. Her eyes begin to tear I can see the look in her eyes begging me to understand what she’s trying to say. Instead however I am left more confused than ever.
‘‘Say Something!’’.
She screams.
I look right into her sea green stare truly look. For the first time my lips start to unlock.
‘‘How do I help you? I don’t even know who you are. You’re not real just a figment of my imagination. I wish you were real after all this time but you’re not you can’t be so you see I can’t help you. Because you don’t exist.’’.
She smirks at my reply.
‘‘Nothing is a dream Alex.’’
Suddenly the room we are standing in begins to take on a more definite shape and as my eyes begin to adjust more to the light I notice a pale hand gripping her left shoulder.
I walk closer towards her
Suddenly the Hand falls from her shoulder and a woman steps forward.
Looking no older than me. She looks at me with identical Emerald eyes as the girl I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember. She looks at my Dream girl and smiles a kind knowing smile. Suddenly I am overcome with the Feeling of love and joy and something bitter … Something I can almost taste on my tongue. Regret. She steps closer to me and grabs my hand into hers I can feel the heart radiating from her grip like a hot iron I moan slightly at the pain. I try to remove my hand from hers but she’s got it tight within her own. She looks at me and smiles like a mother would to a beloved child.
She opens her mouth to speak and I am taken aback by how much she sounds like the young woman next to her who I feel I have known all my life.
 ‘’ She’s coming home. You’ll know her the second you see her’’
She turns her head looking at the young woman and then back at me
‘’ But the problem is she won’t know you so you’ll have to help her to remember’’.
‘‘Remember what?’’.
She smiles at pats my hand reassuringly.
‘’ Help her to Remember You. Help her to remember who she truly is. Help her to Remember me. But most importantly keep Her Safe Alex. We're all counting on you to keep her safe...? To help her whatever comes ‘’
‘’ Who is Counting on me you and who else?’’
For the first time I can see true sadness come over her beautiful features She scowls and downcast her eyes and I can feel the true pain whatever this is overtaking her.
She looks back up at me
‘’ I hope for your sake and hers you never find out that answer. Just promise me you will do as I say.’’
I didn’t even hesitate.
‘’ I promise.’’
I can feel myself slowly waking up being pulled awake the image in front of me begins to fade my dream girl has disappeared completely … All I can see now is the face of this Other woman I hold on as hard as I can.’’
‘’ Wake up Alex’’
‘’ What’s her name?’’
She turns around also noticing she is no longer with us. I see a tear slide down her cheek.She turns back at me and right when I think I can no longer hold on I hear her answer my question with a whisper.
‘’ Kyra’’.
I sit bolt upright in bed trying to catch my breath and still my raging heart. None of that has ever happened before. We’ve never spoken or asked the other for any type of help. It was just a silly crazy dream I try to tell myself. Like all the other nights before. My mind is once again playing cruel tricks on me.
At least that’s what I tell myself. Suddenly I hear light pounding on my window Paine. I stand and slowly walk over to my window and throw open the blinds. What I see shocked me and run's my blood cold. I pinch myself almost certain it’s another dream. I pinch myself and soon realize it can’t be I’m awake.
Something is definitely wrong in my small town of East brook Maine. A lot of crazy things have happened here in the past but what I see before me is certainty a first. Waking up to a snowstorm in the middle of July.
Needless to say I grabbed my car keys and got the hell out of there. I ran not walked to my car and drove pajamas and all to the only person in the world that would understand this. The only person in the world that wouldn’t think I’m crazy. My sister.
‘What the hell is going on either I’m losing my mind which is a very real possibility I admit. Or something really wrong is happening in East Brooke and I know in my bones it has something to do with her.
The girl with the Deepest green eyes I’ve ever seen.
The most beautiful Strawberry blonde hair.
What really takes the cake is her tattoo a butterfly. It’s the first solid thing to make me believe she’s real and not some crazy figment of my imagination. Just when I think I’m over analyzing the situation. Hale the size of a basketball breaks my windows. I swerve almost completely off the road.  Oh yes something is definitely wrong in East Brooke and no matter what I’m going to find out what it is.
And as much as I’m still in the dark about all of this I have something now that I never had before. Something to hold onto when my mind begins to think it’s all a dream.
I have a Name…
About the Author:
Maghen Connolly is a writer from New York born and raised in Manhattan’s West Village with her mother, father, and a very cute cat.
She has always been an avid reader. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on, but her favorite genre is mystery. She’s also a huge horror fan having grown up on all the classics. The love of the scare has helped her create some of her most interesting and complex characters over the years.
She now lives in Queens with her fiancé and 2 rescue cats, Shadow and Shade.  She spends her days writing, over analyzing, watching horror movies, spending time with family, and eating some of the best food New York City has to offer.

Watcher Academy: League of Watchers Book 1 by S. K. Gregory


Watcher Academy
League of Watchers
Book 1
S. K. Gregory
Genre: Supernatural suspense/urban fantasy
Publisher: SKGregory
Date of Publication:  Nov 30th 2019
Number of pages: 200
Word Count: 50k
Cover Artist: RMGraphX
Tagline: A Watcher is supposed to keep evil at bay, but what happens when it walks among them?
Book Description:
Adeline 'Dell' Grimm has been in training to join the Watcher Academy her whole life. A legacy, her grandfather, Edward was one of the Academy's most respected members and Dell is determined to follow in his footsteps.
An impulsive decision could destroy her new life...
Left alone one night, Dell cannot resist a quick look at the recent delivery of artefacts. Artefacts which the Watchers are duty bound to keep hidden away from the world, for they possess supernatural magic, magic that could prove deadly in the wrong hands. Which doesn't bode well for Dell when she accidentally drops one of them.
A Watcher is supposed to keep evil at bay, but what happens when it walks among them?
Soon Dell finds herself missing time and when a fellow Watcher is found murdered, she wonders if she is somehow responsible.
Turning to her fellow Watchers, Spencer and Max, Dell must figure out the truth before someone else dies.
“You can do this, Dell. Your whole life has been leading up to this moment. Don’t blow it,” I muttered to myself.
Squaring my shoulders, I took a deep breath, plastered on a smile and opened the door to the prestigious Watcher Academy.
Stepping over the threshold, I heard a snap and I stumbled. Catching myself on the wall, I looked down to find that the heel on my boot was broken.
I groaned in frustration. Why did this crap always happen to me? I considered returning to my room on campus to fix it, but then I would be late for my induction.
Maybe someone has glue or tape that I can use to fix it.
Walking on the ball of my foot, I made my way down the short hallway to a second door. This one needed a key card to open it.
Knocking loudly, I waited, trying to keep my balance. Nothing was going to ruin this experience for me. I just wished that Grandpa lived long enough to see this.
There was a beeping noise and the door opened. A man with dark hair stuck his head out. “Adeline Grimm?”
“Yes, but I go by Dell.”
He pushed the door open wider and stepped back. “Follow me.”
I resisted the urge to squeal. This was it.
Limping after the man, I followed him into the Watcher Academy.
“Oh my God,” I whispered.
We entered a huge round room, filled with other Watchers bustling about. A huge oak table sat in the middle of the room, behind which stood a stone fireplace. To my left, lay an alcove leading to an office. Above me, were the stacks. I turned slowly on the spot, taking in row after row of books.
Breathing deeply, I inhaled the scent of the musty tomes. It was exactly as Grandpa described.
“Miss Grimm?” a woman said.
“Yes, sorry.” I tore my gaze from the room and turned to face her.
“Chelsea Dean. I run things around here. This is Antoine,” she said, motioning to the man who showed me in. I was shocked at how young she was. Barely older than me. Blonde, with blue eyes, she stood several inches taller than me. She wore a black blazer over a white blouse and carried a clipboard.
“Nice to meet you,” I said. “I’m so happy to be here, I’ve wanted to see the inside of this place since I was a child.”
I realized I was babbling and quickly closed my mouth. Chelsea made a note on her clipboard, while Antoine hovered nearby. Everyone looked so professional looking and here I was, holding my boot heel.
“I need to check some details,” Chelsea said. “Adeline Jane Grimm, twenty-four. Granddaughter of Edward Grimm. He was one of the best. Hope you don’t ruin his legacy.”
My cheeks burned. Grandpa spent over forty years as a Watcher, I would never tarnish his reputation.
“You studied history and anthropology in college, then a year gaining practical experience. Which means we’re missing a year.”
“I took a gap year early on. I went with Grandpa, uh, Edward, to South America on a dig.”
Chelsea made a noncommittal noise and continued scribbling away on the clipboard, while I stood awkwardly, trying not to fall over. She seemed determined to do this standing.
“And you live on the college campus?” Chelsea asked.
“Yeah, there was actually some kind of mix up and I got stuck with a student roommate,” I said. The Watcher Academy was located on the ** college campus. No one outside the Watchers knew what went on in here. As far as they were concerned, this was some kind of historical society.
“Follow me and we’ll start your induction,” Chelsea said.
“Um, would you have…” I trailed off when I realized she wasn’t listening, she had already crossed the room and opened a door. I hurried after her.
The door led to a small office where a video monitor was set up. Chelsea motioned for me to sit in the only chair in the room. Grabbing a remote control, she switched on the monitor.
“I’ll be back when this is over,” she said.
Confused, I focused on the screen. After a few seconds, a man appeared on the screen, standing in a lavish office. I recognized him instantly as Charles Landry. One of the highest-ranking members of the League of Watchers.
“Welcome to the Watcher Academy. Today you begin a journey to become a fully fledged Watcher.”
Oh my God, it’s a training video like they give employees.
I resisted the urge to laugh that they would have something so normal.
“The League of Watchers was formed in 1869 to protect the world from the supernatural and ensure magical objects do not end up in the hands of civilians.”
Grandpa always spoke of the Watchers with such reverence. He was in charge of artefact retrieval, a job I wanted more than anything.
“Watchers dedicate their lives to keeping the world safe. You may even face the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Know that it will be a great honor and you will be remembered for your bravery.”
Translation – as a Watcher, there’s a good chance you will die on the job. I knew the risks, I also know that I was taught by the best.
The video ended and Chelsea returned. “Any questions?”
“No,” I said. “Oh actually…” I held up my heel but she had already left the room.
I ran after her.
“There are currently twelve Watchers situated here, along with our support team. You can learn their names in your own time, but I will introduce you to the two main people you will be working with.”
She led me to a desk under the stacks, covered in wires and computer equipment. A man with light brown hair sat behind it. He was around my age, wearing a red t-shirt with some band logo on it. Definitely not a Watcher or he would be dressed like the others.
“This is Spencer, tech support and research.”
Spencer stood up to shake my hand. “Nice to meet you. If you need anything, just let me know.”
“Thanks.” He was cute. Not that I was here to meet a guy. I would never let anything interfere with my training. Besides, I doubt Chelsea would take too kindly to any of us dating each other.
Spencer noticed the heel in my hand. “I have some tape, it that’s any use?”
“Yeah, thanks, I’ll give it a go.”
As he handed me the tape, Chelsea was on the move again. She approached a man standing in the alcove by the office. He was slightly older, maybe early thirties, with dark hair. He wore a pale blue shirt over black slacks.
“Adeline, this is Max Burrows. He is our resident expert on ancient cultures and curses.”
“Hi, I usually go by Dell,” I said.
He gave me a nod. “Has the latest shipment arrived yet?” he asked Chelsea.
“It should be here within the hour.”
He turned and went back into his office.
Nice guy.
“There are forms for you to fill out, then we can work out where to assign you,” Chelsea said, carrying on. I guessed his behavior was normal.
“I’d really like to follow in Edward’s footsteps and work in artefact archiving.”
Chelsea pursed her lips. “Miss Grimm, as a trainee Watcher, you do not get to choose your assignment. You go where we put you.”
“Of course,” I said, forcing a smile.
Chelsea took a step toward me and lowered her voice.
“Look, you may come from good stock, but you need to earn your place here, just like everyone else.”
“I understand,” I said, feeling my face heat up.
“Good, because if you screw up, I won’t hesitate to kick your ass out of here and I will see to it personally that you never get within ten feet of the Watcher Academy again.”
About the Author:
S. K. Gregory is the author of several urban fantasy, paranormal romance and young adult novels. She runs a blog that supports indie authors by offering book reviews and promotions.
She is an editor and proofreader with JEA Press.

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Barbara Bretton's Mulled Cider Recipe

I love holidays. I love tradition. I especially love it when you can combine the two at Christmas time. I love piling memory upon memory until the years are nothing but a sweet blur of happy occasions spent with the people you love best in the world.
Every year I attend the candlelight tour of Rockingham, the Kingston NJ (formerly Rocky Hill NJ) house where George Washington bade farewell to his troops after the Revolutionary War ended. The docents are all in period costume. A woman in a mobcap plays the harpsichord near the front room. Upstairs you can actually touch the uniform worn by Washington’s aide de camp. If you close your eyes, I swear you can hear the General’s voice ringing out over the bucolic New Jersey countryside, peaceful now after years of bloody warfare.
The kitchen isn’t part of the main house. It’s a small building off to the side near the smokehouse. The rear wall is all hearth. Guides in long dresses and white aprons hand you mugs of hot cider and offer spicy cookies piled high on earthenware plates. Outside the air is crisp and December cold, but inside the air is warm from the fire and filled with the delicious smells of nutmeg and cinnamon and candle wax.
The following Revolutionary War-era recipe has been adapted for our modern kitchens.
Mulled Cider
1 gallon apple cider
2 sticks cinnamon
1/4 cup dark brown sugar (optional)
6 whole cloves
6 whole allspice
1 sliced lemon
Tie cloves, allspice, and cinnamon sticks in a cheesecloth bag with kitchen string. Combine cider, sugar (if using), and spice bag. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, then simmer for fifteen minutes. Discard cheesecloth spice bag.
Serve cider hot, floating lemon slices on the surface.


Annie’s Gift
Rocky Hill Holiday Romance 
Book Five
Barbara Bretton

Genre:  Paranormal romance


Publisher: Free Spirit Press
Date of Publication:  2017
ASIN:  B077BF911C
Number of pages:  80
Word Count:  20,000
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill
Tagline:  Because love never dies… 
Book Description:
Everyone knows Christmas is a time for family but not for Harry Barnes. If he had his way, he would close his eyes and not open them again until January second when all the fuss was over. Once upon a time he had loved the season but that was a long time ago. His wife Annie and daughter Erin are gone and he hasn’t spoken to his only son, Sam, in years.
The Christmas candlesticks he’d lovingly carved for Annie and their children are buried in the attic under a thick layer of dust along with memories that could break a man’s heart . . . if he still had one left to break.
After years of living on military bases all around the world, Sam Barnes has moved his family back home for keeps but they might as well still be in Japan or England or Timbuktu for all the difference it makes. His father’s heart is still closed to the idea of family and there is nothing Sam can do to change it. Not even if the only thing his twelve-year-old daughter Riley wants for Christmas is the grandfather she has never met.
But then on a snowy Christmas Eve in Rocky Hill, Harry and Sam are visited by a determined mother and daughter who have just a few earth hours to bring their family together or lose them forever. 
He heard a sound like autumn leaves crackling underfoot, and then felt a soft rush of cinnamon-scented air as a small form appeared then disappeared right in front of his eyes.
He watched, paralyzed with fear and hope, as she took form one more time, looking less like a hologram and more like a flesh and blood woman. The woman he had loved since he was sixteen years old.
“Annie!” Her name tore from his throat and spilled into the space between them. This was his Annie, before sorrow and sickness had taken their toll.
Bubbles of laughter danced in the air around her. "I did it! How about that, Harry? I did it!"
He reached for her hand but it was like grasping cotton candy. His brain was a bowl of overcooked oatmeal. “I don’t know what’s going on.”
The room began to spin. He could feel himself starting to go under and he put his head between his knees.
“Low blood sugar,” she said, shaking her head. “I don’t miss that at all.”
“It’s not low blood sugar,” he managed, gulping in some air. “I’m talking to a ghost.”
“If you want to put it that way, I guess you are.”
What other way was there to put it? He had buried his beloved wife six months ago and now here she was in their living room acting like nothing had happened.
He took another huge gulp of air then lifted his head.
“I’m still here,” she said, her tone softening. “You can trust your senses.”
“Why?” he asked, his disbelief beginning to show cracks. “How?”
She spread her arms wide. “Look at this place! You’d never know it was Christmas Eve.”
“It doesn’t feel like Christmas Eve.”
“It would if you put some effort into it. Put up a tree. String some lights.” She aimed a sharp look in his direction. “Place the candles in the window where they belong.”
Her brows darted into a scowl. “Did you forget your promise?”
“That promise was made a long time ago. Things change.”
“Family doesn’t.”
“I don’t have a family anymore. When I lost you, I lost everything.”
She reached out and for a second he imagined he felt the touch of her hand. But that was crazy, wasn’t it? She was no more real than Santa Claus or Easter Bunny.
“I’m here because I love you,” she said. “And because you need me tonight.”
Tears threatened to overwhelm him. He wanted to believe.
“I need you every night, Annie. That’s never changed.”
“But tonight is the night you asked for me.”
One moment he was standing there next to the refrigerator with a carton of brown eggs in his hand.
The next moment the eggs were on the floor in a yellow and white mess and his Annie was in his arms.
He had lived long enough to know that second chances didn’t happen often in life.
This time he wasn’t going to let her go.
About the Author:

Barbara Bretton is the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of fifty books. Her titles have been published in twelve languages in over twenty countries by Harlequin, Berkley, Crown, Pocket, and Free Spirit Press. When Barbara isn’t writing, she can be found knitting, reading, and cooking in New Jersey with her husband and a house filled with pets.

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A Vampire’s Christmas
Deirdre looked around the decorated house with a twinkling Christmas tree, presents carefully put underneath the branches, and the sweet scent of pine filling the room, but it wasn’t Christmas.
Something was missing.
Her pulse quickened and her insides quaked. She smiled. She knew exactly want to do. Janus had done so many wonderful things for her––most of those presents were for her––that she wanted to do something for him that he’d never expect. Luckily, he was still in the death sleep.
Giddiness swept over her. She grabbed her purse and practically skipped to their SUV. Snow swirled around the windshield, putting her in the mood for baking.
Within minutes, she was at the grocery store. She grabbed flour, margarine, sugar, eggs, and anise from the pharmacy.
She could hardly wait to see Janus’s face. He was just now being able to eat certain things beside blood and she hoped he could add her grandmother’s special recipe to his repertoire.
After she parked the SUV in the garage, she unloaded her precious ingredients, then she pulled out her grandmother’s old pizzelle iron. Janus had offered to buy her a new one, but her grandmother’s was seasoned not just with traditions, but memories.
Deirdre melted a pound of margarine in the microwave. She broke fifteen eggs into a large mixing bowl.
“What are you doing?”
She squeaked, nearly jumping out of her skin. “Janus.”
He grinned leaning against the wall and yawned.
Her mouth watered at his naked chest and she bit back the desire to run her fingers over those sleek packed abs. “I thought you were asleep.”
He cupped her chin. “You left and I woke. I can always feel when you’re gone.” He brushed his lips over hers and she shivered.
“I wanted to make you a surprise.”
He lifted an eyebrow. “Cookies? Unless there’s blood in them, I doubt I can eat it.”
She frowned. “But you’ve been eating other things.”
“Rare meat and red wine.”
She kissed his hand. “Will you at least try? It just isn’t Christmas without pizzelles.”
“You know I can deny you nothing.”
She bit his lip. “If it doesn’t work, I’ll add blood to it.”
“If you don’t stop tempting me, those cookies will never be made.” He lightly scraped his fangs over her neck.
Chills ran down her back, and her heart skipped a beat. She put her hands on his wide chest. “Janus, not know.”
She laughed at the disappointment  in his eyes. She clasped his hand. “Here, you can help.”
He did a double take. “I can?”
“Yes. Put two and half cups of sugar in the bowl while I get the margarine out of the microwave.”
Janus did as he was told. He was such a magnificent man not only with his perfect abs, but his long dark hair that flared over his wide shoulders. She could never get enough of him or thank him for saving her from a nightmare. She trembled and her knees weakened.
“Are you cold?” He wrapped his arms around her and snuggled his head in the crock of her neck. “I could make you warm.”
She took a deep breath. “I know you could, but I really want to do this for you.”
He slowly released her and she already missed his warmth. “As you wish.”
She smiled. Her favorite line from The Princess Bride.
“What do you want me to do next?”
She gestured. “Sit at the counter and relax.”
“Would you like some wine?”
Janus poured them both a glass of wine from his favorite vintage sent all the way from Italy while she added the margarine to the eggs and sugar. She flicked on the Kitchen-Aide mixer.
He set a glass on the counter. “Here, you go.”
“Thank you.” She leaned over and brushed her lips over his.
“So tempting,” he murmured. “How about if I take you on the floor like we did the other night?”
Her heart jumped at the memory and blood immediately pooled between her legs.  “You promise.”
He sighed and settled on to barstool. “I know I did.”
She could hardly wait to see if he could eat these. She’d be so disappointed if he couldn’t. But he was Janus Morano––Master Vampire.
She added six cups of flour to the egg, sugar, and butter mixture. “Now, for my favorite part.”
He frowned. “What’s that?”
“You’ll see.” She opened the small bottle of Anise oil and added it to the dough. The smell of Christmas spread through the kitchen like the blowing snow outside.
The creases of Janus’s frown disappeared and he flashed her a smile that always turned her into a hot mess.
“What is that?”
“Anise oil.” Once again, the mixer churned the dough, releasing more of Christmas.
“Now what?”
“We have to let it rest for a half hour.”
“Good. I’ve waited long enough.” He grabbed her and kissed her like a starving man.
Her body turned alive. She indulged in running her hands over his thick muscles, marveling at his strength. He was so powerful that vampire killers quaked when they heard his name.
And he was his. All hers.
He slipped his hand underneath her T-Shirt and she gasped. “Janus. Not yet. The cookies.”
“Seriously?” His husky breath almost made her want to forget the pizzelles.
“I promise you won’t be sorry.”
“They better be damn good.”
“They are.” She left him before she allowed him to make good on his promise.
She brought the bowl over to the pizzelle iron that was nice and hot. Janus’s passionate gaze made it hard for her to concentrate. She dipped a teaspoon into the mixture with her shaking hand and dabbed a spoonful onto the snowflake-shaped iron.
“Am I making you nervous?”
She glared. “Yes.”
This time, he laughed. She liked the sound of his laugh. It was deep from his diaphragm and always erased her slightest frown.
She squeezed the iron tight, flattening the dough. The scent of anise grew stronger.
She carefully took out the cookie with a fork and placed them on the counter to cool. They were a perfect golden color.
“They look delicious,” he said, but she could hear the wariness in his voice. Certain foods could make him deathly sick.
“Try one.”
He gingerly picked up a pizzelle.
She held her breath. Her chest tightened. She shifted nervously from foot-to-foot as he nibbled.
His eyes widened and a smile spread across his handsome face. “These are delicious.”
“Are you feeling okay? Are you sick?”
“I’m fine. I can’t tell you the last time I ate a cookie.”
“Hundreds of years ago.”
He gobbled up the cookie, then drew her into his arms. “Thank you.”
She searched his face. “Are you sure you’re not ill?”
“Only sick from not loving you.”
“I wanted to share something special from my past with you. Making pizzelles with my family has been one of my favorite traditions. And now, you’re part of my family.”
He grinned mischievously. “Let’s add another tradition to making pizzelles.”
She laughed and indulged in a sweet pleasure that brought making pizzelles into a hot, sinful delight.
A Vampire’s Wish
Vampires on Holiday
ML Guida

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Buffalo Mountain Press
Date of Publication:  December 19, 2018
Number of pages:  139
Word Count: 33452
Cover Artist: Megan J Parker-Squires
Tagline: He lost her once in another time. Will she give their love another chance?
Book Description:
Janus : I lost her once in another life. I’ve found her again, but she’s with another man. A man who beats her.
I won’t let him hurt her again. But if I move too fast, she’ll disappear again. Will I ever win her heart or am I destined to live alone for eternity?
Deirdre: A vampire’s claims he knew me over two hundred years ago, and I was his wife. He wants to pick up where we left off.
I can’t deal with his fantasies. I have enough troubles with escaping from my boss who is my fiancé.
Unfortunately, my only chance to escape from him is to trust Janus who stirs up feelings that I’ve never felt for any other man. They scare me. What if he’s right? What if in a former life I was in love with him? Could I possibly be feeling desire for a vampire?
A Vampire's Wish is the first book in ML Guida's new sexy, vampire series. If you like page-turning action, dark heroes, kick-ass heroines, then you'll fall in love with new series from an award winning author.
“Yes, spoiled me actually. Fancy dinners. Expensive clothes. But it wasn’t the money I loved. It was his humor and his tenderness.” She lowered her gaze. “He’s my boss. I’m his secretary.”
“Your boss?”
“He’s an attorney. A powerful one.”
She strolled over to his small Christmas tree. “You’ve got a beautiful tree.” She glanced at the box of ornaments on the coffee table. “How come you haven’t decorated your tree?”
“My family’s tradition was to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.” He left out that that it had been their tradition, one he had kept up after all these years.
She reached into the box of ornaments and pulled out a white porcelain horse ornament with roses on the saddle. “Brandon helped me out during some dark times.”
Janus held his breath. Interesting she focused on that one. She had cherished the little horse when she’d been alive. He’d given it to her their first Christmas.
She stroked the horse, just like she had when she was alive as Delores. Wishing, hoping, he tried to remain calm, but his hands shook. The slip of a woman was about to bring a master vampire to his knees.
He nodded. “There’s a story that goes with that horse.” His voice trembled, and she lifted her slender eyebrow.
“The story goes that a little girl came to Jesus’s manager. Heartbroken, she had no gifts to bring to the poor infant, so she cried. Her tears turned to roses when they splashed onto the ground. She quickly gathered the blossoms and offered him a bouquet of red blooms. The roses on the horse’s saddle are a tribute to the little girl.”
“What a lovely story. I love roses.” She sat on his leather couch and crossed her legs. “They’re my favorite flower.”
Janus forced himself not to move. Delores had a magic touch with gardens. Her flowers were grand and brilliant, and at each of their homes, their rose gardens shadowed their neighbors. At midnight, she used to stroll in the garden and inhale their fragrant scent, but he liked to spread her naked body on a bed of rose petals, the moon shining on her skin, her brown hair fanning over the petals. He ached to take her again, to kiss her, to spark her memory.
“Brandon is allergic to roses.”
He gripped the arm chair. “Allergic?”
“Yes. However, he’s a great gardener. Has a green thumb and grows zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Before we started living together, he’d bring his produce into the office.”
“You were telling me why you’re with him.”
“A drunk driver killed my parents on New Year’s Eve.” She brushed more tears off her face. “Sorry.”
He handed her a box of tissues.
“Thank you.” She wiped her cheeks and blew her nose. “This is the first holiday without my parents.” She broke down and sobbed.
About the Author:

Award Winning Author M.L. Guida loves science fiction and the paranormal. From Star Trek to Dark Shadows to Supernatural, she fell in love with things that go bump in the night. But it was the heroes, she loved the best. No matter what happened, those characters never gave up. Now, her heroes are following their footsteps. Whether it's a shape shifter from outer space or a vampire from the past, her wounded heroes always find a way to conquer battles and win the heart of the feisty heroine. Because even in a world of darkness, true love survive.
Sign up for M.L. Guida's Supernatural Scroll on her website at http://mlguida.com  to learn about new releases and giveaways. She also has a readers Facebook Group called ML Guida's Supernatural Lounge. She has giveaways, news, and ways for her to connect with you.

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The Eidola Project by Robert Herold


The Eidola Project

An Eidola Project Novel

Book One

Robert Herold
Genre:  Horror
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press (Black Rose Imprint)
Date of Publication: November 18, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-5092-2406-7 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5092-2407-4 Digital
Number of pages:  290
Word Count: 69870
Cover Artist:  Debbie Taylor
Tagline:  The Eidola Project is recruiting. Dare to join them?
Book Description:
It's 1885 and a drunk and rage-filled Nigel Pickford breaks up a phony medium's séance. A strange twist of fate soon finds him part of a team investigating the afterlife.
The Eidola Project is an intrepid group of explorers dedicated to bringing the light of science to that which has been feared, misunderstood, and often manipulated by charlatans. They are a psychology professor, his assistant, an African-American physicist, a sideshow medium, and now a derelict, each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses.
Called to the brooding Hutchinson Estate to investigate rumored hauntings, they encounter deadly supernatural forces and a young woman driven to the brink of madness.
Will any of them survive?

            Sarah retrieved the lamp and twisted the peg. The outhouse door swung open on its own, and she gasped.
            “Momma?” Sarah asked as she held out her lantern. No. A ruined version of Molly stood in the doorway.
            Before her disappearance, people often commented on the sixteen-year-old’s beauty, but in the last twenty-eight days birds pecked out her pretty blue eyes, and maggots now swam in the sockets. Molly’s head hung to the left at an odd angle. Her skin looked mottled with patches of gray, blue, and black. A beetle crawled out of Molly’s half-opened mouth and darted back in.
            Sarah’s heart leaped to her throat, and she jumped back. She lost her footing, fell onto the outhouse seat, and dropped the lantern to the floor. She bent to retrieve it; thankful the glass globe did not break. Sarah looked up and saw an empty doorway.
            Impossible, she told herself. Must’ve dozed off, had a nightmare, and woke up when I dropped the lamp. Her heart still pounded in her chest, and Sarah took a deep breath to calm herself.
            Holding the lamp before her once more, she crept out…
About the Author:

The supernatural always had the allure of forbidden fruit, ever since Robert Herold’s mother refused to allow him, as a boy, to watch creature features on late night TV. She caved in. (Well, not literally.)
As a child, fresh snow provided him the opportunity to walk out onto neighbors’ lawns halfway and then make paw prints with his fingers as far as he could stretch. He would retrace the paw and boot prints, then fetch the neighbor kids and point out that someone turned into a werewolf on their front lawn. (They were skeptical.)
He has pursued many interests over the years (among them being a history teacher and a musician), but the supernatural always called to him. You could say he was haunted. Finally, following the siren’s call, he wrote The Eidola Project, based on a germ of an idea he had as a teenager.
Ultimately, he hopes the book gives you the creeps, and he means that in the best way possible.

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***Devour this exciting new paranormal shifter novel and sink your teeth into every steamy and action-packed page.***


Dark Haven

Dark Haven Series

Book 1

Leigh Allen


Publication Date: October 21, 2019


ASIN: B07ZG46796


Her life is changing and everything is a huge mess.


Turns out, werewolves are real and one just bit one of America's most notorious bad girls.


And she is now part of his world. His sinfully sexy world full of paranormal creatures.


But one night threatens to take down his entire world and shift her world forever.


Their love is forbidden and they both have to make a choice...


Devour this exciting new paranormal shifter novel and sink your teeth into every steamy and action-packed page.




#KU #KindleUnlimited #werewolves #sexyparanormal #darkhaven #darkhavenseries #leighallen #PNR #paranormalromance #shifters  #steamyPNR

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A Cowboy Christmas by Shanna Hatfield - Deck the Halls with Books Holiday Extravaganza

Ombré Punch
When you need a beverage you can serve to all ages that will bring a little “Wow!” to your table, try this easy to make punch. The trick is to not stir it!
We like it best with orange juice as the base, but you can also use grapefruit juice for a different flavor.
Makes Six Servings.
3 cups orange juice, chilled
Grenadine syrup
Place ice in the bottom of the glasses. Add ½ cup of juice to each glass then carefully pour one teaspoon of grenadine syrup in each glass. That’s it! Told you it was easy. Just make sure you do not stir the drink or it will lose the lovely ombré design.
If you prefer grapefruit juice to orange juice, substitute it and add a splash of Sprite or 7-Up to each glass before you add the grenadine syrup.
Chocolate Chex Trees
These yummy and adorable trees are so simple to make and a great project if you have kids at home who need something to do. Set them on a disposable plate, foil-wrapped piece of cardboard, or a large sugar cookie wrapped in cellophane for gift-giving!
3 cups Chex Chocolate cereal
6 pretzel sticks (the thick kind, made for dipping)
½ cup peanut butter
¼ cup Nutella
3 tablespoons butter, softened
1 cup powdered sugar
Mix the peanut but­ter, Nutella, but­ter, and pow­dered sugar in a bowl.
On whatever you plan to use for a base, mold the peanut butter mixture around the pretzel stick until it stands upright and forms a slight cone shape.
Hold it steady by using the tip of the pret­zel as a han­dle and begin insert­ing pieces of cereal into the peanut but­ter mix­ture in a sym­met­ri­cal pat­tern around the stick.
You can tip the cereal pieces up or down, depending on your personal preference.
Add more cereal pieces, stag­ger­ing them as you move upward, until you get near the top.
For the top of the tree, use broken pieces or cut them in half to get the smaller scale of branches near the top.
Use two pieces of cereal back to back to form the top.
Dust with powdered sugar.
Makes 6 trees

A Cowboy Christmas    
Shanna Hatfield

Genre:  Non-fiction, Holiday, Cooking, Ranch Life

Publisher: TwoDot

Date of Publication:  September 17, 2019
ISBN: 1493042343
Number of pages:  304
Tagline:  The jangle of spurs mingles with the jingle of sleigh bells in this celebration of Christmas—cowboy style!
Book Description:
Welcome home to an amazing western holiday with A Cowboy Christmas. A collection of unique holiday décor, traditions, recipes, and guides for entertaining with ease make this your go-to resource for an amazing western Christmas.
Filled with stories of real-life ranch families and rodeo cowboys, get a glimpse into their traditions, try their family recipes, and experience their lifestyles. From preserving memories of the past to tips for wrapping presents, discover the special touches incorporated throughout this book that make it a holiday keepsake you’ll cherish for years to come.
Brimming with holiday cheer, recipes with full-color photographs, and one-of-a-kind ideas, this book is a wonderful celebration of the holidays that will help make your Christmas unforgettable.
Amazon     BN     BaM     Apple      Kobo     IndieBound
About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield is a farm girl who loves to write. Her sweet historical and contemporary romances are filled with sarcasm, humor, hope, and hunky heroes. When Shanna isn’t dreaming up unforgettable characters, twisting plots, or covertly seeking dark, decadent chocolate, she hangs out with her beloved husband, Captain Cavedweller.

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Devour this exciting new paranormal shifter novel and sink your teeth into every steamy and action-packed page. Dark Haven by Leigh Allen https://amzn.to/3347Zk2 #KU #KindleUnlimited #werewolves #sexyparanormal #darkhaven #darkhavenseries #leighallen #PNR #paranormalromance #shifters #steamyPNR

***Devour this exciting new paranormal shifter novel and sink your teeth into every steamy and action-packed page.***


Dark Haven

Dark Haven Series

Book 1

Leigh Allen


Publication Date: October 21, 2019


ASIN: B07ZG46796


Her life is changing and everything is a huge mess.


Turns out, werewolves are real and one just bit one of America's most notorious bad girls.


And she is now part of his world. His sinfully sexy world full of paranormal creatures.


But one night threatens to take down his entire world and shift her world forever.


Their love is forbidden and they both have to make a choice...


Devour this exciting new paranormal shifter novel and sink your teeth into every steamy and action-packed page.




#KU #KindleUnlimited #werewolves #sexyparanormal #darkhaven #darkhavenseries #leighallen #PNR #paranormalromance #shifters  #steamyPNR

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Christmas at Caynham Castle


Christmas at Caynham Castle


Genre: Christmas Romance

Publisher: Rickety Bookshelf Press
Date of Publication:  November 20, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-944570-00-2
Cover Artist: Lyndsey Lewellen
Book Description:
A seasonal ball, a charming town on the Welsh border, and an ancient castle with adventure, mystery, ghosts and romance in every corner.
Celebrate the Christmas season with seven authors, each telling the story of the holiday at Caynham Castle in her own spectacular style.
The Ghost of Christmas Past
Jeanne Adams
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Story Description:
Dr. Denby “Bee” Alden, is a bee expert from Haven Harbor, Massachusetts. She’s at Caynham Castle to research ancient beekeeping techniques…and to escape. The ex-boyfriend who dumped her is getting married and staying for the wedding would be salt in the wound. While at Caynham, she finds an earl, a dastardly thief, and a ghost. Can the castle ghost help Bee and the earl find something to celebrate this holiday season?
Excerpt from The Ghost of Christmas Past:
(This scene takes place after Bee and the Earl, Ward Mortimer, have spent a little time together and been very attracted to one another…)
“Here now, young lady, that’s enough for today,” Mrs. Marshbanks slded. The archivist bustled over. “Ruin your eyes, you will. Not a lamp made that makes up for long winter evenings here in Shropshire. Not to mention all that cramped script. Tomorrow will be soon enough for the next journal.”
Reluctantly, Bee marked her place with the provided ribbon and closed the ancient diary. “It’s so fascinating, Mrs. Marshbanks. On one hand, so much has changed,” she mused, stripping off the cotton gloves she’d used to handle the antique books. “On the other hand, especially when it comes to bees, so little has changed.” Shaking her head, she rose. “Wow. I’m stiff from sitting so long.”
“And no wonder!” The older woman exclaimed. “You’ve been at it all day.”
“I don’t have the luxury of time,” Bee told her. “I’ve only three weeks left.”
“You’re making good use of your time,” the older woman approved. “But you won’t do your work any service if you’re exhausted. Now, I’ll see you here in the morning, bright and early.”
“I should have checked on what time Mr. Mortimer wanted to show me the silver.” She frowned, glanced at her phone. “Should I call him, or just come here first?”
Before Mrs. Marshbanks could comment, Bee’s phone rang.
“Bee Alden,” she answered.
“Dr. Alden, It’s Ward Mortimer. How was your day in the archives?
“Amazing. Mrs. Marshbanks and I were closing up shop.”
There was a surprised pause. “You’ve been at it since I left you this morning?”
Bee nearly rolled her eyes. Did no one realize how challenging it was to get time off? It wasn’t like she got to jaunt off to England on a whim, right?
“Yes, well, as I told Mrs. Marshbanks, I only have a limited time and you’ve been most gracious so I want to utilize every moment.”
“Of course, of course,” he backtracked. “Well since you’re still in the main building, may I buy you dinner? I’d love to show you some of our hospitality.”
A hum of awareness zipped through her. A date. With the earl.
That thought stopped her in her tracks. Her friend Lydia, who ran a popular shop in Haven Harbor, had done a Tarot spread for her before she left. It had indicated she’d meet a powerful man.
She guessed an earl ranked as powerful.
“Sorry, yes. I’d love that. Thanks.”
“Perfect. Shall I meet you in the dining room?”
“Absolutely. When?” She glanced at her watch. It was nearly seven.
“Quarter-past seven?”
Relief coursed through her. She would have time to run up to her room and freshen up a bit.
“Great. See you there.” She turned the phone off and gathered her things and she and Mrs. Marshbanks walked out together.
“I’ll see you in the morning, Mrs. Marshbanks. Thank you again, for today.”
The older woman nodded, smiling. “A pleasure. Truly. Have a good evening.”
Bee hurried across the Great Hall to the solarium side, and down the long, relatively narrow corridor that led to the Lady Alice Neville Tower. She’d already plopped her computer and purse on her bed when she realized how cold the room was.
“Crap, did I turn it to AC or something?” Bee muttered, turning to the thermostat.
That’s when she saw the ghost.
Her distinct outline and her period dress were clear and delineated in every detail. Other than being completely white, Lady Lenore could have been someone doing period reenactment. Then again, she’d brought a winter’s worth of ghostly cold air with her. There was no mistaking it.
“So what are your intentions toward my many-times-great grandnephew, eh?” The ghostly figure demanded with a knowing smile. “Do you wish to court him? Or just bed him?”
Bee shut her gaping mouth with a snap of temper. “None of your business.” She crossed her arms. “Why are you talking to me? Ghosts don’t talk to me, they talk to my cousin, Dan, and even then, only if we’re related.”
“Perhaps we are related, then,” the ghost replied, trailing her translucent fingers over the bedcovers and moving around the room. “Many of the Nevilles, and a goodly number of Mortimers went to America.” The ghost turned, facing her. “You’re not afraid of me.”
“Why would I be?” Bee stated, keeping her voice even, though her knees wanted to knock and her voice wanted to quiver. “You’re long dead, Lady Lenore.”
“I frighten most,” she said, and Bee detected the faintest trace of melancholy in the ghost’s manner, though she smiled. “Most don’t even see me.”
Bee wasn’t sure where this was going. “I see you.”
The ghost cocked her head. “And I see you, Denby Alden.” The ghost sat––hovered––in the chair by the window. “Will you share your body with my grandnephew?”
Blushing, Bee turned to the wardrobe. She needed to get changed so she could meet Ward––the ghosts many-times-great grand-nephew. “Why do you care?”
There was a silvery laugh from the ghost. “I want my line to continue, of course. To have another witch come to the castle, and one who knows the bees, would suit me well. It would suit the bees.”
“It doesn’t work that way these days, Lady Lenore.”
This time the ghost looked amused. “Of course it does. You think you decide your matches and your matings, but mostly, you all still follow the heat between your legs.”
“Lady Lenore!” Bee exclaimed, blushing furiously now. “What a thing to say!”
Now the ghost really cackled. “Is it not true? I saw this morning how he looked at you. There is desire there. You should press your advantage.”
Bee snatched her clothes and stomped to the bathroom. How weird was it that she didn’t want to change in front of a ghost? She moved quickly lest Lady Lenore pop into the bathroom to continue their chat.
“For heavens sake, I barely know him,” she protested, returning to the room. “And even if I do have the hots for him, that doesn’t mean I’m going to act on it––”
The protest fell into the quiet of the empty room. The ghost was gone.
About Jeanne Adams:
Jeanne Adams writes award-winning romantic suspense, paranormals, mysteries, and urban fantasies, as well as space adventures with her pal, Nancy Northcott
Since all Jeanne’s books have blood on the pavement and a high body count, it’s a good thing she knows how to get rid of the evidence. Then again, after spending 13 years in the funeral and cemetery business, she’d better! (She uses that knowledge to teach her highly acclaimed class on Body Disposal for Writers.)
Jeanne lives in DC with her husband, two teenage sons, and three dogs – two Labs and an Irish Water Spaniel. She loves football, baseball, dog shows, Halloween and the weird. Don’t tell, but she’s also prone to adopting more dogs when her husband isn’t looking.
Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and other publications, her books have been consistently hailed as “One of the best Suspense Books of the Year!” by Romantic Times.
Christmas Crossroads
A Cross Springs Novella
Caren Crane
Genre: contemporary romance
Story Description:
A young woman from Cross Springs, NC, who was orphaned young and has not found a place to call “home” until she lands in Caynham-on-Ledwyche and meets a local man who is reconnecting with his hometown.
Excerpt from Christmas Crossroads:
When Connie Burns talked, everyone in Cross Springs, North Carolina, listened. Especially the employees at her new event-planning company. Most especially those hired away from key competitors, like Chrissie Mayhew.
Chrissie, incredibly grateful to be working for Connie’s new firm, wanted desperately to impress her stylish, slightly intimidating boss. She hated to gape, as she knew she was doing, but she wasn’t at all sure she’d heard Connie right. “Wait, you want me to handle a Christmas wedding alone? As in, by myself?”
“Yes,” Connie said, eyebrows raised in a manner that spoke volumes about how she felt about Chrissie’s question. “I’m sure you’ll give it your very best. It’s the wedding of the daugh-ter of my friend Prudence.”
“Prudence Lytton?” Chrissie asked, hating how her voice rose to a veritable squeak.
“Yes,” Connie said, giving her a look Chrissie could only define as disgusted. “Prudence Lytton. The rich British lady who lives in that Tudor monstrosity in Surrey Hills. And yes, it’s a monstrosity. I know because I sold it to her.”
Connie had been a go-to real estate agent for years before she decided to start an event-planning business. Though Top Tier Events was only two years old, Connie’s business and social connections and impeccable taste had shot it to the apex of everyone’s must-have list.
“So, a Christmas wedding.” Chrissie’s brain raced with ideas. Christmas was her favorite time of year, so she had a million ideas for how to knock this wedding out of the park. “Does the bride have any specific ideas?”
Connie snorted a laugh. “Does she ever. For one thing, she insists on having it in Pru-dence’s home town of Caynham-on-Ledwyche.”
“Caynham-on-Ledwyche? Where is that, like Massachusetts or somewhere?” Chrissie had visited New England once, but that name did not ring a bell.
“It’s in England, Chrissie. Caynham-on-Ledwyche, England. It’s in Shropshire, which is northwest of London, close to the border with Wales. Takes about 2-1/2 hours to get there from the airport.”
Chrissie’s panic, which she’d tried to beat down, rattled its cage and almost broke out. She didn’t even know which airport Connie meant. “I’ve never been to England. I don’t know anything about it, don’t know anyone there, and I have no idea how to even start planning a wedding overseas. Do they even have a venue booked?”
Connie obviously saw the panic writ large on her face. “Don’t worry, Chris. Prudence booked the venue six months ago. It’s this awesome medieval castle, Caynham Castle, and the wedding will be in the chapel. It’s not a church, just a chapel, so they’ve arranged for someone to perform the ceremony who isn’t a pastor, just a layperson or whatever. I have the name for the events coordinator at the Castle, a caterer, a florist, the whole nine yards. All you have to do is contact the bride, get her particulars, then work with the vendors to get things set up. Easy peasy!”
“Connie, I hate to ask, but is this some sort of trial-by-fire thing?  A test to see if I break under the pressure or pull off a miracle or something? ‘Cause it kind of feels that way.”
Connie smiled. Not an evil smile, which Chrissie had definitely seen on her, but a genuine smile. “Chris, the reason I hired you away from Events Bar None”—Connie rolled her eyes—“was that you have vision. I know that you’ll represent Top Tier in the manner I expect. This wedding will have grace, panache and a unique, personal touch. A Top Tier touch. A Chrissie Mayhew touch.”
Chrissie tried not to tear up at the compliment, but it was a struggle. Connie Burns be-lieved in her like no one else had since her mom died. It meant everything. “I won’t let you down, Connie. I’ll make sure Prudence and her daughter…”
Of course. “Lucinda. I’ll make sure they are both delighted with all the arrangements. I’ll ensure this wedding enhances our reputation.”
Connie picked up a folder stuffed full of papers and handed it to Chrissie. “I know you will,” she said. “That’s why I assigned you. Now, go make sure your passport is current and start making calls.”
About the Author:
Caren Crane was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the home of country music. She doesn’t love country music, but she does love books. Nashville had plenty of those in the Inglewood branch of the Nashville Public Library. Thanks to the librarians, she discovered classical literature (they approved) and Barbara Cartland (they did not). Thanks to her mother, she discovered Harlequin Romances. When the writing bug bit, she was doing cubicle time in the world of electrical engineering. She greatly prefers writing.
Caren lives in North Carolina with her wonderful husband and a semi-feral rescue cat. She has three intelligent, gorgeous grown children and has neatly side-stepped her mother’s threat that she would have children Just Like Her.
Seressia Glass
Story Description:
Morgan Lafayette is a Light Witch with a Shadow problem. Injured while trying to rescue a young psychic, Morgan is in a race against time and the blight growing inside her. Her family sends her to Caynham-on-Ledwyche to meet with Meg Davies, a powerful healer. She doesn't expect to meet Meg's son and fellow astral traveler Arthur Davies or have him become her literal knight in shining armor. With the blight growing and threatening her nascent relationship, will Morgan put her trust in Shadowchaser Kira Solomon, knowing the Chaser will literally hold her life in her hands?
Excerpt from Still:
Morgan plastered on a smile as the chime sounded, announcing a customer entering Lafayette’s Teas and Reads. Summoning smiles grew more difficult by the day. Six weeks ago, she didn’t have a problem. Six weeks ago, she didn’t need the tea leaves swirling at the bottom of a cup to give a customer a reading. Six weeks ago, she’d been whole and nightmare-free and not breaking a hematite ring every three days from stress and negativity.
The door chimed again, so she smiled again. That smile froze as her mother, father, and grandmother entered the shop. For them to come to River Street, much less downtown Savannah, meant something was wrong. Given the way they looked at her, that something was definitely her.
A heavy breath slumped her shoulders. She led them to the back office, ignoring her cousin Jackie’s worried expression. Maybe it was guilt. Maybe Morgan was the only one in the Lafayette family who didn’t know a confrontation was coming, given that her extrasense was about as reliable as a broken clock. “This intervention couldn’t wait until I got off work?”
Her grandmother reached out to cup her hand, skin the color of pecan pralines stretched tight over the gnarled bones. She rested her thumb against Morgan’s wildly pounding pulse. “How are you?”
The automatic answer leapt to her tongue, forcing her to press her lips together to hold it back. She wasn’t fine. Lying to her grandmother would be futile—that thumb over her pulse was the best lie detector in Savannah, if not the state. Probably the country.
“I’m managing,” she equivocated.
“Are you?” her mother asked, studying her closely. “It hasn’t been that long since—”
“I know, Mama,” she cut in, not wanting to hear the words. They echoed in her brain anyway. Since that poor girl died.
“I know exactly how long it’s been,” she said. “I’ve had sessions with Bethany and with Dad. I’ve tried meditation and blocking crystals. Healing isn’t happening as swiftly as it should.”
Her father covered her hand with his. “That’s why we think you need to take some time away from Savannah.”
“You want me to miss a Lafayette Christmas?’ she asked, aware of her voice climbing. “Not even the mayor misses a Lafayette Christmas!”
Ma Belle gave her a look, one that had made her sit straight and mind her manners since she was a toddler. “You act as if this is a suggestion.”
“There’s nothing I can say to change your minds?”
“Do you remember what happened to Cousin Lainie?”
Morgan’s hope plummeted along with her stomach. She’d been a preteen, but Cousin Lainie’s descent into Shadow-madness had left an indelible scar on the family. When the family could no longer contain Lainie, Ma Belle had made the decision to contact the Gilead Commission, the governing body for all things Light. Instead of sending agents, a Shadowchaser had arrived in Savannah. The family still didn’t know what happened to Cousin Lainie.  “I remember.”
“Gilead knows what happened with you,” her grandmother said. “They’ve been in contact.”
Morgan’s breath caught. It wasn’t a surprise that the Gilead Commission, the governing body for all things Light, knew about her encounter. The fact that they had contacted the Lafayette matriarch didn’t bode well.
“Did they call you to apologize for not sending agents to handle that monster?” she asked, barely keeping her anger in check. “If they’d done their jobs, I wouldn’t have been trapped and nearly killed by that son of a bitch and you wouldn’t be trying to get rid of me like rancid garbage!”
“I’m sorry.” It took effort to spit the words out. “Dealing with the fallout hasn’t been easy for me.”
“We know, sweetheart,” her father said, squeezing her hand. “You need time to heal, which means you need time away from town. Someplace else than can offer you the stillness you need.”
“I suppose y’all have a place in mind?”
Ma Belle reached into her purse, extracted a brochure. “Here.”
A tinge of energy singed Morgan’s fingertips as she accepted the brochure from her grandmother. Elegant script at the top proclaimed: Experience the Magic of Caynham Castle. A grayish-tan stone castle rose against a gray-blue sky, not quite like the grandiose structures of fairytales. No, this one was not for show unless it was a show of strength, hunkering down and weathering anything thrown at it. “You want me to vacation in a castle. In a place called Caynham-on-Led…Ledwyche. I don’t even know how to pronounce that or where it is.”
“It’s in Shropshire, England,” her father helpfully clarified.
“How is being sent away from my business and my family during Christmas supposed to help?” she asked, choked. “You sure you’re not getting rid of me because I’m irreparably broken and susceptible to falling into Shadow?”
“No, baby, no.” Her mother pulled her against her chest. “There’s a Light Witch who lives near the castle. Her name is Margaret Davies. She has an antiques shop there called Curiouser & Curiouser.”
She straightened with a choked snort. “A Light Witch with an Alice in Wonderland fixation.”
“Meg Davies is also a healer,” her grandmother said, frowning at her sarcasm. “She happens to specialize in healing psychic wounds, particularly those caused by Shadow.”
Morgan froze. Something unfurled in her chest, too tiny and frail to be called hope. “Do you really think there’s a chance she can heal me?”
Ma Belle’s expression softened. “We wouldn’t send you there if we didn’t.”
“Okay.” That tiny thing in her chest fluttered again, gaining strength. “Okay. Let’s do this.”
About the Author:
Seressia Glass is an award-winning author of more than 25 works in contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance and urban fantasy. In additional to her writing career, she is an instructional designer for a Fortune 500 company. She lives south of Atlanta with her husband, son, and two attack poodles.
Her Heart in His Pocket
Donna MacMeans
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Description:
A surprise reunion of a pickpocket turned lady’s maid and a mysterious unexpected footman occurs just in time for the Christmas Frost Ball at Caynham Castle. The past of each could jeopardize the future of the other, and the future of Caynham Castle itself.
Excerpt from Her Heart in His Pocket:
The excerpt is in the hero’s point of view.  Ben received a mysterious invitation to attend a ball at Caynham Castle, along with a drawing of monstrous figure.  While he realized the rumpled invitation was not originally meant for him, he comes to the castle to investigate who sent it and why.  Upon arrival, he’s mistaken for a footman named Kitzmiller who was loaned to Caynham Castle, but who apparently did not show up – so Ben rolled with it. He is surprised to discover a childhood friend, Elizabeth, who is also at the castle.  Elizabeth is a lady’s maid for a guest and who is hiding her past occupation as an accomplished pickpocket in London. Mr. Hastings is the household butler.  Clarice is a household servant that keeps the history of the castle.  She spends her days polishing silver in the kitchen.
Bish is another footman.
Elizabeth hadn’t had an easy time of it growing up in the London slums. None of them did. But he admired that she abandoned her pickpocket skills and developed new ones—legal skills, this time. Her grown-up name signaled that she had left her difficult childhood behind. One look at her curves and there would be no mistaking that she was full-grown.
 At lunch, however, she looked different. She was nervous, jittery. Had she reconsidered his presence as a threat? He thought he had made it clear that he would guard her secrets.
Kitzmiller,” Bish called. “Come and sit down here.” He patted the spot of the table next to him. “Entertain us with stories of Elizabeth in her early years.”
He didn’t need to look at Elizabeth’s stricken face. He could feel her panic.
“I think you’d be disappointed and certainly not entertained. I knew Elizabeth’s older brother back then. She was just a young schoolgirl who wasn’t interested in the manly arts of grooming horses and fishing.”
He winked at Elizabeth, then ate his meal, engaging in some of the conversations around the table. Once he’d finished, he turned toward Bish. “Tell me about the things that aren’t repeated to the guests at Caynham Castle. Is this castle haunted? All there ghosties about?” He wiggled his fingers eliciting laughter. “Any romantic stories or spots I should know of?”
Or avoid,” Hastings added in his solemn commanding voice.
Yes.” Ben laughed. “Or avoid. I wasn’t sent here to pursue romance.”
“There’s the gargoyle.” Clarice spoke from the far end of the table. The room immediately silenced. Bish had told him that Clarice had been on the service staff for more years than anyone else. She rarely spoke. She certainly looked as old as the ruins outside.
“If you kiss another where the gargoyle can see,” Clarice’s high voice recited in rhythmic rhyme, “Your true love you’ve found and will forever be.”
The room remained silent until Bish asked, “there’s a gargoyle at Caynham? A real gargoyle?”
Instantly questions unleased around the room.
“There are grotesque figures carved over the doors, is that what you mean?”
“I think every castle has gargoyles, but they’re up on the roof and channel the rain.”
I’ve never heard of such a thing and I’ve been here for five years.”
“Where is this gargoyle?”
“Mr. Hastings, do you know?”
Hastings stood up. “Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this romantically inclined gargoyle lives with the fairies and goblins. It’s just a fanciful tale--”
“Lady Rosalyn believed it,” Clarice interrupted. “It worked for her.”
“A military man took advantage of Lady Rosalyn and left her with child,” Hastings growled. “I cannot sanction that as the true love she sought.” He glared at poor Clarice a moment before dragging his hand over his face. “I believe it’s time to dismiss this gathering. Our guests require our attention.”
Amid the scraping of the chairs, Ben leaned close to Elizabeth.
“Meet me tonight. I’ll be waiting in the chapel.”
About Donna MacMeans:
Award winning author Donna MacMeans writes about the humor in relationships in her seductively witty romance page-turners. Her books have won the Romance Writers of America © Golden Heart, Romantic Times’s Reviewer Choice Award for Historical Love & Laughter, among other rewards. Best known for her historical romances set in the late 1800s, she also writes time-travel and paranormal romance. She has been published in multiple countries around the world.   
A licensed CPA, MacMeans never believed she’d be published.  Then her first historical went up for auction with three NY firms bidding on it.  The dream never stopped.  While she maintains a small tax practice in Westerville, Ohio, she still finds time to work with unpublished authors, teach workshops, and help others reach their dream.
You can contact MacMeans through her website at www.DonnaMacMeans.com. While there you can register for her monthly newsletter that includes giveaways and advance announcements of her works.
Crewel Fate
A Deadly Curiosities Story
Gail Z. Martin
Genre: urban fantasy/MM romance
Story Description:
When Teag Logan and his fiancé Anthony Benton travel to England to celebrate their engagement, Teag’s magic and supernatural experience hone in on restless ghosts, an old scandal and century-old secrets that could turn deadly. Can Teag and Anthony solve the mystery and settle the ghosts before the Ball, or will more people join the ranks of the castle ghosts?
Crewel Fate is part of my Deadly Curiosities urban fantasy series, and falls immediately after the newest novel, Inheritance.
Excerpt from Crewel Fate:
When they finally reached the Great Hall, Teag welcomed the warmth. Everything was done up for Christmas, with evergreen boughs, red ribbons, fairy lights, and gold bells. A huge fir tree nearly reached the ceiling, and Teag could only imagine how much more decorating would happen before the night of the ball.
“It said on the website that the mother of the current Earl took that hand-blown glass tree topper down into the air raid shelters during World War II,” Teag added. “She said she wasn’t going to let the Nazis ruin Christmas!”
“It’s pretty fantastic,” Anthony said, slipping an arm around Teag. “Look at that ceiling!”
Teag craned his neck. “It’s called ‘hammerbeam’ and it’s an English Gothic style of open timber roof truss,” he said. “See the kind of stuff I remember from my classes?”
Hand-cut beams arched downward at intervals, while still others formed arches along the flat of the timber ceiling, embellished at the corners with intricate woodcutting. It reminded Teag of the ceiling of the great hall in the Harry Potter movies.
“I wish they could really make candles float in the air,” Teag said with a sigh. “But I guess twinkle lights are almost as good.” He took in a deep breath. “I love the smell of a real Christmas tree.”
“And the fireplace looks big enough to roast a boar—or maybe an ox,” Anthony said, with a nod toward the huge opening in the stone wall with its carved firebox and ornate mantle. “I could stand up inside and not hit my head. And I bet that if I spread my arms wide, I still wouldn’t touch on either side.”
“Come on,” Teag said. “There’s more to see in the solar and conservatory.” He led Anthony by the hand out of the Great Hall through an archway into two adjoining glass-enclosed rooms. Christmas lights twinkled in the now-dry central fountain and wrapped around the potted shrubs. Poinsettias, icicles, ribbons, and tinsel turned the greenhouse rooms into a wonderland.
Anthony hauled Teag in for a kiss, under a ball of mistletoe tied with a red velvet ribbon. “Turnabout’s fair play,” he said.
“This is so beautiful,” Teag gushed when they headed back through the main hall. “And there are a few of the other rooms open for display if we go this way.” He led them toward Bride’s Tower, where two sitting rooms on the third floor were decorated and furnished as the castle would have looked during the 1920s. From the colors, fabrics, and scale of the furniture, it was clear that one room was meant for women and the other for men.
“So this would have been the way it looked right around World War I,” Anthony mused, reading a sign near the door. “Their Downton Abbey period.”
“I love that show. So elegant. And the old miniseries we watched of Brideshead Revisited? If I could have tailored suits like those, I might not mind giving up my jeans,” Teag gushed.
“Maybe we’ll have to throw a Gatsby party for Halloween next year if the spooks give you the night off,” Anthony teased. “Just thinking of you turned out like that is giving me all kinds of naughty ideas.” He leaned against Teag, brushing his groin against Teag’s leg to let him know exactly what kind of thoughts were going through his mind.
“I like the way you think,” Teag purred.
The more masculine of the two rooms had dark wood wainscoting and upholstery in rich emerald and sapphire hues. Brass fittings and etched glass shades accentuated the wall sconces and table lamps. Leather-bound books filled the shelves, along with display cases of watches, silver cigar boxes, monogrammed flasks, and a taxidermied lion that was likely a trophy from safari in Africa. It was easy to imagine well-off men sitting down with cigars and good Scotch to discuss the news of the day, or play a few hands of cards.
“This is so far beyond ‘man cave’ I’m not sure what to call it,” Anthony remarked. “But I guess it’s not that different from what some of the big plantation houses had. For as nice as this is, I’m glad things have changed. I like our friends, and I’d hate to have to split everyone up instead of being able to all hang out together.”
The ladies’ sitting room had high-backed upholstered couches and wing chairs arranged in conversation groupings, with side tables to hold drinks. The furniture was roped off for display only, and glass covered the bookshelves, protecting both the books and an assortment of family personal items and trinkets from around the world.
Teag felt a pull toward a framed piece of hand-embroidered fabric. It was a sampler, the kind done by young women learning to practice various stitching and designs, common at the time. But as soon as Teag saw it, he felt traces of the maker’s magic, old, faint, and still potent.
“What’s wrong?” Anthony laid a hand on Teag’s shoulder. “You’ve got that look.”
Teag managed a smile. “Nothing bad. It’s just that whoever did that embroidery had my kind of gift. Weaver magic.”
“You can pick up on that, after all these years?” A note next to the frame said that the needlepoint had been done by Lillian Mortimer in 1916.
“Uh-huh,” Teag replied, distracted as he read the rest of the notecard. “So Lillian was one of two daughters to the Mortimer family who lived in the castle around the time of the First World War. She and her older sister, Mabel, would have been in their late teens or early twenties when the war started. It ran longer over here—the war. In the States, we think of it as just 1918, but it started in 1914 in Europe.” He couldn’t help being a history nerd, and thankfully, Anthony shared his interest.
“From what we’ve watched on the History Channel, that war pretty much broke the aristocracy, didn’t it?” Anthony replied. “The death toll was so high—wiped out most of an entire generation of men. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like.”
Teag shivered, although the room was warm. Lillian’s needlework held both power and emotions. Now that Teag’s gift had tuned in, he could sense sadness, grief, loneliness, and anxiety that made his heart pound.
“Teag? Hey!”
Anthony’s voice brought him out of his thoughts, and Teag stepped back. “I’m okay. I just could pick up some feelings from the magic Lillian used. I don’t think she was very happy.”
“It must have felt like the world had gone mad during the war. I don’t imagine most people were happy,” Anthony replied.
Lillian’s magic had brought Teag’s ability to the forefront, and as he walked around the room with Anthony, he gently probed other objects like a needlepoint pillow and a small tapestry near the fireplace. None of them held any magic of their own.
But when he came to the display case with a gold and pearl hair comb, an ivory fan and a black, enameled cigarette holder, Teag recoiled as he glimpsed a gray, transparent figure near the case.
“More magic?” Anthony asked in a whisper, glancing around to make sure they were alone.
Teag shook his head. “No. There’s a spirit attached to those pieces, I’m sure of it. Maybe not the one they told us about at the tea room, but it’s definitely a ghost. And she’s not friendly.”
About Gail Z Martin:
Gail Z. Martin writes epic fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk for Solaris Books, Orbit Books, SOL Publishing, Darkwind Press, Worldbuilders Press and Falstaff Books. Recent books include Reckoning, Sellsword’s Oath, Inheritance, CHARON, Wasteland Marshals. As Morgan Brice, she writes urban fantasy MM paranormal romance including the Witchbane, Badlands and Treasure Trail series. Recent books include The Rising, Flame and Ash.
The Last Favor
Nancy Northcott
Story Description:
Grayson (Gray) Kane comes to Caynham Castle to pick up an award for his late father. Dealing with his loss amid the families celebrating the holiday makes him question his solitary life as an covert agent. His partner, Laurel Whitney, joins him to protect Gray from an assassin. As the long-suppressed attraction between them flares anew and a killer closes in, she must decide whether she has the courage to seize what she has always wanted.
Excerpt from The Last Favor:
Chapter 1
Nothing could keep this Christmas from being godawful.  The only thing to do was push through and get it over with. Grayson Kane grabbed his suitcase from the baggage carousel and headed for the exit. He usually traveled lighter than this, at least where clothes were concerned, but jamming a tux into a carryon bag just led to problems.
He walked through the maze of the Customs exit and finally reached the vast lobby and the meeting area. Now to pick up his rental car so he could head west for the really hard part of this holiday.
“Kane! Gray!”
Halting, he turned his head toward the sound. A familiar, auburn-haired woman with a deceptively sweet face waved to him.
What was Laurel Whitney doing here? Was a work problem about to interrupt his trip? Little though he looked forward to this, he couldn’t let anything derail it. Not this time.
He walked over to her. “Hey.”
“Hey. The London office sent me. I already picked up your rental and put the equipment they’re providing in the trunk.”
Weaponry, she meant. “I was supposed to meet someone at the rental office for that.”
“Plans changed. I’ll explain in the car.”
She was never particularly talkative, but this terse mode was new. Frowning, he accompanied her out into the biting air. The lowering sky implied snow might be on the way. The wind blew his dark hair onto his forehead, and he pushed it back.
Dodging travelers rushing into the terminal, they hurried through the covered walkway toward the nearby short-stay deck—car park to the British, no matter how many levels it offered.  The familiar, annoying awareness that always plagued him around Laurel hummed in his gut. Yeah, she moved with deceptively relaxed grace and had curves in all the right places, but they’d never found any common ground beyond work. Not that they’d ever really looked.
That didn’t matter now, though. What mattered was why she was here. Standing five feet six, with a slim build, she didn’t look like she could put a bruiser on the ground. He’d seen her in action, though. She was serious muscle in sheep’s clothing. He didn’t need that kind of backup for a holiday at a castle hotel. So either Arachnid, the covert, multinational intelligence agency they both worked for, wanted to pull him in for a job or he had a problem.
If she’d picked up the car, someone at the agency had hacked the rental car computer. That didn’t happen without orders from the boss, known as Arachne. What else had they done?
“You didn’t mess with my hotel reservation, did you?”
She grimaced. “Because of the nature of your visit, the bosses decided to consult you first. I’m supposed to talk you into cancelling.”
“Not going to happen.”
“You should hear me out before you decide. We can talk in the car.”
Nothing she said would change his mind. He was on his way to Shropshire to spend Christmas at the Caynham Castle Hotel and pick up an award the hotel’s operating foundation was bestowing on his dad. Pop was supposed to be with him. The Earl of Caynham had personally invited them, and his dad had loved the idea of the two of them having this different, fun father-and-son outing for Christmas. Until cancer intervened. Pop’s last request had been for Gray to take this trip for both of them and pick up the award. Come hell, high water, and anything short of nuclear war, he would do that. No matter how hard he found it.
Laurel guided him to a gray sedan and opened the truck. A large, black suitcase lay inside, along with two familiar, hard-sided gray Arachnid gear bags. He set his checked bag next to the nearer of the two.
“Yours is on the right,” Laurel said. “You have your favorite Sig Sauer P226, a Beretta 9mm, spare mags, two combat knives, a nanofiber undershirt, and some choice electronics. Explosives and grappling gear are in mine.”
“I take it you’re not just along for the ride.” He closed the trunk, checked his movement to the left, and walked up the right side of the car to the driver’s door. “Keys, please.”
She tossed them to him. “If I can’t persuade you to cancel, I’m your date.”
“Why you and not Hayes?” Gray had worked with Laurel, but John Hayes was his regular partner.
“Christmas.” Settling into her seat, she shrugged. “I’m one of the few who’ve worked with you, didn’t have family plans, and was geographically convenient. Not to mention being American.”
Since he was, it made sense that his companion should be. But he’d wanted the extra time before they officially became a team in March, when Hayes retired. Gray needed to find a way to deal with the unacknowledged sparks that flashed every time they paired up. That had happened more often as Hayes reduced his workload and Laurel picked up the slack. Gray had to get it under control. Feeling that way about a partner could influence tactical decisions in a way that got one or both of you killed.
“Where were you that was convenient?”
“Greece. I had a hiking trip planned.”
“Sorry about interrupting.”
“It’s no big. I can go later.”
She’d always struck him as a bit of a loner. A bit…detached. Having no plans she couldn’t change at this most connected of holidays confirmed that.
He drove out of the deck and away from the airport. When they were on the M25 motorway and headed for Shropshire, he said, “Okay, what’s the deal?”
“Do you remember Petar Stankovic?”
“Serbian. Enforcer for the Tirania Cartel.”
“Until you killed him.”
“That was two years ago. What does he have to with my trip?”
“Someone has been hunting for you. Based on chatter the London and Rome offices have picked up, it’s his brother Aleksandr, with revenge on his mind.”
Gray frowned. “Status?”
“No sign of him in the UK so far, but that’s based on passport info. If he traveled under an alias, especially with a good disguise, he could’ve slipped through. Not to mention the thousands of miles of unguarded coastline in these islands.”
“Stankovic had another brother, a wife, and two daughters. I think the older daughter, Teodora, works for Serbian intelligence. We sure it’s Aleksandr?”
“We have nothing implicating any of the others.” Laurel shrugged. “So we’re as sure as we can be at the moment. I have a secure laptop for you with data files on it, and you’ll want to gear up.”
Well, hell. The holiday had already promised to be tough, and now this. “I’ll look for a place to pull off that offers more privacy than the parking deck. Then we’ll stick to the secondary roads.” They should leave the outskirts of London behind soon.
“Works for me.” She punched the in-dash GPS. “We can switch to the A413 just ahead and then follow the A41 most of the rest of the way.”
“Opt for that.” He glanced over at her. “Level with me, Laurel. What are the chances of some civilian at the hotel getting hurt because I’m there?” That was the only thing that could make him miss the awards ceremony. Thanks to the publicity, anyone hunting him could figure out that he’d be there, and that would put crosshairs on the occasion.
“Right now, negligible, but that could change.” She frowned at the road ahead. “Arachne talked to his London counterpart. They want to stash you in a safe house with a protective detail until they locate Stankovic. There’s a nicely isolated cottage ready. We’ll lure him there and nail him. Better to grab him now than to have him come at you when you’re focused on something else.”
That could work, but he’d promised Pop. “If I go to Caynham?”
“A team of four agents will back us up.”
Great. He was ruining multiple people’s Christmases.
As though she knew what he was thinking—he sometimes suspected she did—Laurel added, “Plenty of agents don’t celebrate the holiday, so don’t worry about that. Intel will continue monitoring chatter and travel, and we’ll stay alert while you do this holiday thing.”
“Then that’s what I’m doing. If other people aren’t at risk, I’m not cancelling.”
She frowned. “I thought you would say that, but I had to ask. We could get this over with faster if you blew off the castle.”
“Maybe,” he qualified, his voice dry.
For a moment, she compressed her lips, emphasizing the stubborn angle of her chin. Then she shrugged. “What’s involved in all that Christmas stuff, anyway? The website makes it look like one big party.”
“I think it is. There’s ice skating, various activities Pop signed us up for—I guess you’ll take his slot—and a charity ball where he was to receive his award.”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “It’s that last you’re stuck on, isn’t it? That’s why you won’t cancel.”
He answered her with a curt nod.
“I’ll make the arrangements, then.” After moment, she added, “I’ve gathered you and your father were close. This holiday season must be particularly difficult.”
“I’ve had better. Thanks.” She meant well, but he wasn’t about to discuss the heart-numbing grief of losing Pop with someone he knew mostly as a colleague.
Better to turn his attention to staying alive during these next few days.
About Nancy Northcott:
Nancy Northcott’s childhood ambition was to grow up and become Wonder Woman.  Around fourth grade, she realized it was too late to acquire Amazon genes, but she still loved comic books, mysteries, fantasy and romance.  A sucker for fast action and wrenching emotion, Nancy combines the action and high stakes she loves in the books she writes.
She is the author of the Boar King’s Honor historical fantasy trilogy and is the co-creator, with Jeanne Adams, of the Outcast Station science fiction mystery series. She also writes the Lethal Webs and Arachnid Files romantic suspense series
A Perfect Grey Christmas
A New Jersey Ice Cats’ Novella
Anna Sugden
Story Description:
In order to win the ultimate cooking prize and the right to cater the Ice Castle Charity Ball in Caynham Castle, a former hockey player, turned restauranteur, must work with the woman he once loved, but who then left him to marry an English lord.
Excerpt from A Perfect Grey Christmas :
Lydia’s temper sparked. “Stop being a jackass and let me speak.”
“I don’t need your explanation, prettying up how you ‘did me a favour’.”
“Maybe not. You can do me the decency of listening to my answer, instead of making unwarranted accusations and playing the martyr.”
His jaw set, Ryan crossed his arms over his broad chest, which only infuriated her more.
“I worked too damn hard to win this contract to play nepotism games. My business and reputation are on the line. There’s no room for sentimentality. All that matters is that I work with the best.”
He tilted his head in acknowledgement.
“More importantly,” she continued, “as the ball’s co-ordinator, my chosen charity benefits.  I will not allow anything to damage the Piers Pedley Foundation or the money it will receive.”
“I get all that. But you did something. I see it in your face. I could always read you.” His tone softened. “Well, most of the time.”
He didn’t need to add that the one time she’d totally surprised him was when she’d left Grey’s to marry Piers. She hadn’t told him the whole story; it wasn’t her story to tell. Too much had been at stake.
“I didn’t select the finalists. I was asked to provide a short-list, from those who entered, of the chefs I believed to be the best of the best. You were one of those.”
His gaze narrowed. “How big a shortlist?”
“I see.”
She shook her head at his wry tone. “Get over yourself. That didn’t guarantee you’d make the final three. You still had to pass muster with the committee. And I had to prove I was not biased because we’d worked together.” She leaned forward. “Think of what I did as securing you a professional try-out. I got you in front of the coaches, but your talents got you the gig.”
The analogy seemed to hit home. His tense body language eased a smidge.
“Oh, and f.y.i. if you don’t deliver the best menu or the best samples, you’re done.” She tapped his folder with her forefinger. “You won’t win just because I’m working with you. I’ll give my best effort to all finalists equally.” She sent his folder back across the desktop. “Now, time is short. If you want my help, shape up. Otherwise, I walk.”
“Yeah, you’re good at that.”
She stiffened. Even though she had that coming, it hurt nonetheless. Struggling to keep her expression impassive, she stood. “Enough. I know we need to talk about what happened, but this isn’t the time or place.”
He sat back in his chair and steepled his fingers. “This is the perfect time and place. Where it all started. And where it all ended. If we’re going to work together, we need to clear the air. I need your assurance that you won’t quit on me.”
“The success of the Ice Castle Charity Ball is as important to me, as it is to you.”
“You said that about launching Grey’s.”
She threw up her hands. “Are you really willing to give up your spot in this contest, because you can’t let go of the past?”
 “Time out.” Ryan thrust a hand through his hair and sighed. “You’re right. I’d be crazy to let what happened between us ruin my one, big shot. That was a long time ago and it’s done with. I’m sorry. I guess this whole situation is a little weird.” His lips curved into a self-deprecating half-smile.
That smile had always got to her. She fought the urge to smile in response.
“For both of us,” she allowed.
“Maybe when this is all done, we can have dinner and you can tell me the whole story.”
Once she’d achieved what she’d promised Piers, then she’d be free to share everything with Ryan. He might not forgive her, but at least he’d understand.
“I’d like that.” She let her smile free.
“Deal.” He stuck out his hand.
Relieved the first hurdle had been crossed, she took it.
The warmth of his hand, the familiar calluses, reached deep inside her. The simple touch felt as much like a homecoming as landing in New Jersey.
Her gaze lifted and collided with his. Similar emotions to those tumbling about inside her were visible in his grey eyes. Seemed she could still read him too.
Slowly, Ryan released her hand. She didn’t know how to feel about his reluctance to break contact. Especially since she felt the same.
“Where do we go from here?” he asked.
About Anna Sugden:
Award-winning author, Anna Sugden, enjoys reading novels and watching films with happy endings. She also loves hockey and football, where she prefers a happy ending for her teams. When she’s not researching hockey players  -- for her books ;) -- she enjoys craft projects, collecting penguins and great shoes.
A former marketing executive and primary teacher, Anna lives in Cambridge, England, with her husband and two bossy black cats. Learn more about Anna at www.annasugden.com

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