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A Bewitching Monday


Plot Points: Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones -Summertime Book Two by Chuck Gould ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVaI


Guest Post and ‪#‎Giveaway‬: Bite Me by @RobynBachar ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUxQ 
Guest Blog with Diane Cox Author of Typewriter from Hell ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwV9h 

The Creator's Eye: Interview ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVZz 

Scent of the Soul by Julie Doherty Blog Tour Author Interview, Excerpt and Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVGd 

Bound by A.M. Hudson + Interview ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUAG 

Interview with Carolyn Wrem

Story behind the cover with Dianne Lynn Gardner (Pouraka Book Tour) + giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVpz 

Interview Desire Denied by Layne Macadam ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUIe

Interview: Bound by A.M. Hudson ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUBn


10 Reasons Why Shifters Make the Best Boyfriends-Guest Blog: Once An Alpha by Callie McKenna ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUUV 


Interview with Ann Gimpel, Author of the Earth Reclaimed Series + Excerpt ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwURx


Interview: Pouraka by @DianneGardner ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVqy


What's Next for Marilyn Vix? Never Cross a Warlock Book Tour ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwV81


Guest Blog and Giveaway: In The Age Of Hysteria by Thomas Briar ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVc8


The Mysterious Ink Spot: Author Interview with Diane Cox Featuring Her First Paranormal Romance ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwWbI


Toxic Bad Boy by April Brookshire Interview and Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwW4Z


Piercing the Darkness by Angela Dennis w Giveaway! ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/LwVlE 

Wolf's Honor by Ambrielle Kirk Blog Tour and Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwWiK

Mini-Review, Excerpt!! Destiny, by S.M. Spencer ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUKG

Review: A World Apart by L.J.K Oliva (UF) ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUu3


Destiny (Absent Shadows #1) by S.M. Spencer | Excerpt ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwULD


Feast of Fates by Christian A. Brown Blog Tour and Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwWjK

A World Apart by L.J.K. Oliva ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUtm


Angela Dennis: Piercing the Darkness ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVl5


Once an Alpha by Callie McKenna *Review ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVgr


Once An Alpha by Callie McKenna Blog Tour & Review ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVhe 

Summertime Book Two by Chuck Gould ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVHb 

Spotlight & Giveaway - Dancing to an Irish Reel by Claire Fullerton ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUFh 
Book Spotlight: Bound by AM Hudson ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUC6

Feast of Fates by Christian A. Brown Blog Tour and Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwV2j 

Wolf’s Honor by Ambrielle Kirk ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUWH 

A Time Apart Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway! ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwUqv  

Book Tour & GIVEAWAY Of Piercing The Darkness By Angela Dennis ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwVjH 

Amy Lane: Food For Thought ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/LwV4F