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A Bewitching Tuesday

Guest Blog + Giveaway: Twin Flames by Cassandra L Shaw ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/SegjC

Meet Rose Shababy: This Week's Treasured & Tipsy Timeslip Travellerhttp://rachaelstapleton.blogspot.ca/2015/09/meet-rose-shababy-this-weeks-treasured.html

The Freedom of a Pen Name Guest Blog by Angelina J. Windsor ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://www.fang-tasticbooks.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-freedom-of-pen-name-guest-blog-by.html

GUEST BLOG with D. River | GIVEAWAY ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Seesw 

Five things I wish someone had said to me as a novice writer with Gretchen SB‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/SefBD 

The Love of Marisol Christos Toulouras Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/SefcL

Invaders from the Outer rim by Eric Coyote & Walt Morton ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Sef5Y

One Scandalous Kiss Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway! ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Sef0J

Nighttime Wishes by M.A. Church ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/SeeUD 

Blood Slave: Spotlight ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/SedVW

Awakened by Sennah Tate ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/Sedmn

Review and Giveaway: Ruby's Choice by D.F. Jones ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/SefuB

The Love of Marisol by Christos Toulouras ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Seg8m

Spotlight: Scarlet Ambrosia ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/SefKT

Ruby’s Choice by D.F. Jones ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/Sefz3

Through his Heart by Deborah Camp *Review and Giveawayhttps://pratr.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/through-his-heart-by-deborah-camp-review-and-giveaway/

BLOG TOUR STOP INCLUDING CHAPTER 1 – PUT A RING ON IT BY K.A. MITCHELLhttp://bfdbookblog.net/2015/09/blog-tour-stop-including-chapter-1-put-a-ring-on-it-by-k-a-mitchell/

Blood Sky by Traci L. Slattonhttps://mariannewillisauthor.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/blood-sky-by-traci-l-slatton/

Devil’s Playground by Helena Shaw ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/See7O

Quest of a Scottish Warrior by Sky Purington ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/See5u

Spotlight Put a Ring on It by K.A. Mitchell ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/SefG1

Giveaway ~ Twin Flames by Cassandra L Shaw ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Sego7

Nighttime Wishes by M.A. Church ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/SeePB

Imperfect Love by Isabella White Excerpt ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Sefie

Invaders from the Outer Rim by Eric Coyote and Walt Morton Excerpt ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/SeffJ