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A Bewitching Thursday

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: DOGWOOD DAYS BY POPPY DENNISON ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIflJ

Interview with Robin Bielman - Five Past Midnight ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIi3M

Interview- Mortal Magick by Patty Taylor ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIgkI

Interview with Robin Bielman - Five Past Midnight ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIi3M

Q&A with Laura Bickle, Mercury Retrograde Excerpt & Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIg24 

Patty Taylor, Author of Mortal Magick Wants to Know "If you could turn yourself into any sort of creature or magical being, what would it be and why – and do you have any magical powers?" ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIgbK

Interview: Dying in Pleasure by Lady Ristretto @LadyRistretto4u‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIfyu 

Book Feature–Season of the Witch by LJK Olivia ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬

Five Past Midnight By Robin Bielman, Robyn Bachar, Cassi Carver, Anne Hope, Corrina Lawsonhttp://www.pennyforthemuk.com/2015/10/bewitching-tours-giveaway-review-five.html

Halloween Book Hop today - drop by this page to trick or treat and collect your free bookshttps://www.facebook.com/RoxanneRhoadsAuthor

What Happens In Venice Trilogy by Diana Cachey ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIhFo 

Single Wicked Wolf by Heather Long ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIgxr

When a Vampire mates with a Shifter: The Cure ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIh3k

Five Past Midnight ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIi17

Spotlight: The Cure ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIgZl

Homecoming: The Andersons Book 2, by H.G Langley ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIgQZ

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Jenika Snow ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIgIq

Five Past Midnight Anthology; Giveaway, Excerpt & Interview ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIfMV 

Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy Book 2) by Laura Bickle ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIfYr 

Five Past Midnight blitz, Excerpts & Giveaway! ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIi73

Dead of Night by Carlyle Labuschagne ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIf1b

The Svatura Series by Abigail Owen ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIhj5

Five Past Midnight w/ $25 Giftcard ‪#‎giveaway‬ ‪#‎bookpromo‬ ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIeMB

Bounty’s Flame by Lia Davis w/ giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIeJo

Bash by Candace Blevins ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIeEU

Spotlight & Giveaway: Affirmation by Rayna Noire ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIeC7
Dogwood Days by Poppy Dennison ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIeXp

"The Eternal Undead" by David Monette ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIhbo

Spotlight: Shadows in Savannah ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIgpG

Handyman’s Crush by Jordan Ashton Excerpt & Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIfSh

Review: Mercury Retrograde by Laura Bickle (2015 urban fantasy) ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIg5m

Beast The Untold: Giveaway & Excerpt ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/TIhCl

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Jenika Snow *Review and giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/TIgFY