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A Bewitching Thursday

It's H.O.T: The Talented 2 ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/UQ6Bh

Soul Warrior by Falguni Kothari ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/UQ6xn

The Vampire, The Handler, and Me by Eileen Sheehan ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/UQ6Dh

Marked by Fortune Tour & Excerpt! ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/UQ6mO

Bone Moon Rising by LM Pruitt‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/UQ6e8 

Blog Tour + Giveaway: Soul Warrior by Falguni Kothari ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/UQ6vS

‪#‎TourStopThursday‬ Series Feature–The Realm Walker Series by Kathleen Collins ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬http://ow.ly/UQ6tf

One Tempting Proposal: An Accidental Heirs Novel by Christy Carlyle - Blog Tour + Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/UQ6q9

What's the Line Between Erotic Romance and Erotica by Ann Gimpel, Author of Dragon Maid ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/UQ6iI