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A Review of Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mercy Thompson is back in another non-stop adventure that leaves you turning pages until the end...and then you want more.

Fire Touched brings in characters we have seen previously in the books of the Alpha and Omega series and in Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson. I love how Briggs stays true to her world and brings everything together. While the two series and the spin off short stories may be told from different characters POV and have a different voice, they all tie into this world and play a part in the big picture. If you have read all the books and short stories, you feel the puzzle pieces fitting together as you read Fire Touched.

But don't worry if you haven't read the the spin offs, you'll still get through just fine on the Mercy books alone without feeling like you're missing something.

Fire Touched opens in the Hauptman household. Mercy awakens from a nightmare, she feels that something bad is coming. Is it a premonition or just a nightmare? With Mercy you never know.

Either way life goes on as usual for the werewolf/coyote/human filled household- which means there is drama, power plays, and much supernatural mayhem.

Mercy and Adam simultaneously receive calls that something big is wreaking havoc on the bridge and humans are at risk. They are needed in town. Turns out it's a rampaging troll....a really big troll and Mercy and the pack need to stop it.

The troll is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what the Fae have in store. Tensions between the Fae, humans, and other supernatural factions have been growing more tense with each book. We're now on the verge of all out war. Now Mercy's pack has things the Fae want, mainly the fire touched child that lived in Underhill for centuries. He's come to them seeking protection from the Fae.

By offering the child protection, the pack now has a big Fae target on their back. And they have to protect themselves because no one else is coming to help. The Marrock has to distance himself from their pack so an all out war doesn't happen between werewolves and Fae, something Bran's been working hard to prevent.

The pack has to come together and be united or they won't survive. Mercy grows into her place in the pack and the pack member dynamics continue to evolve- and Mercy's relationship with Adam continues to grow as we see more of the depth of their bond. This is all showcased while they fight to do what's right and to survive the consequences of their actions.

Full of emotion and a roller coaster ride of action and adventure, Fire Touched will not disappoint.