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A Bewitching Monday

Interview - Enchanted Guardian by Sharon Ashwood ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/jvhB303eXs0

Interview - Morrison on my Mind by K. D. Friedrich ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/8KRx303eXA8

Guest Blog- Dark Sleepers ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/9p1E303eXl0

Excerpt/Mini-Review +Giveaway!! Jasmine Moon, by Celia Breslin (Bewitching Book Tours) ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/MVuS303eXuT

Interview with M.L. Sparrrow, Author of Player, What Happens on Campus, Book One ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/GH5H303eXFi

An Interview with Yancy Lazarus ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Hurj303eXd3

Zombie Uprising by William Burke ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/Rvni303eY7Z

My Top Ten Favorite Fantasy Books with Elisabeth Hamill ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/XpsB303eXql

REVIEW: OMNIPOTENT BLOOD BY CM MICHAELS ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/mBIO303eXCu

Seduced By The Marine Dom - Book Tour, Review and Giveaway ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/odLL303eXVD

S.H.A.Y. (The Almost Series, #1) by Christina Leigh Pritchard ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/KmGQ303eXMV

New Release Blitz: Sacred Legacy by Kat Flannery

Review: Morrison on my Mind (The Heart Falls Heroes Book Three), by K. D. Friedrich

You Can See Me by A.E. Via ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/ppOK303eY3H

Spotlight & Giveaway: Boomers: The Judas Contact by Heather Long ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/YEs1303eXZu

Review: Seduced by the Marine Dom (An Erogenous Zone Story Book Two), by Brandi Evans ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/g1Kk303eXTE

Shay Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway! ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/9YBz303eXLw

Rise of a Viking by Sky Purington ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/8kKD303eXHT

Beautifully Broken by Samantha Sommersby ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/WSj8303eX87

Promo + Giveaway: Alpha Call by B.A. Tortuga ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/3Sgu303eX45

Truthsong ‪#‎bewitchingbooktours‬ http://ow.ly/plUO303eXj4