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A Bewitching Friday

Guest Post - Demon Assassins: 3 Book Series by Ann Gimpel

Character Interview: Page from the Book Guardian Unforgiven by Nollen Bradley #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/5U3G30evg6i

Guest Blog- The Accalia by H.L. Girton #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/eCzg30eviGA

Creating Kristan Gemeta #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/tKIM30evgwj

INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR DEBORAH CAMP (Through Her Eyes) #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/WbBm30evgpv

Promo: The Dragon’s Playlist by Laura Bickle #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/Re7n30eviOP

HUNTED: A Jonathan Harker Novel By Christopher Draven #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/aKag30evgku

Hunt For Evil (ICE #1) by Amy Jarecki #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/zJQ630evghr

Our First Dance (The Doms of the Cage Novella) by P. Nelson #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/W5j830evgGB

Love Across the Universe #spacebeachlove #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/Afxm30evgD4

Demon Assassins: 3 Book Series by Ann Gimpel Ann Gimpel #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/gVrZ30evfZU

SPOTLIGHT + GIVEAWAY: DARK ROOMS BY SIONNA FOX #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/iS3030evfVA

Cashed Out by Michael H. Rubin Tour & Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/WS4C30evfMz

Our First Dance by P Nelson #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/y4Nj30evgKh

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats by Carla Rehse Book Tour and Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/IjDq30evgSq

Spotlight for Las Vegas Tales 4 Story Box Set by Amber Malloy #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/EVx630evgA8

Just Off the Path - Book Tour and Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/BShS30evgqL

Our First Dance #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/KT7A30evgPg

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats - Book Tour and Giveaway

Our First Dance by P Nelson: Book Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/FNcS30evgMX

Beyond The Rules by Anna del Mar – Book Tour + #Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/OBps30evfKf

I have 2 thunderclaps that need a lot of support- can you help?

“Sex, witchcraft, and rock and roll on the Sunset Strip ~ Rise of the Nephilim: A Blackmoore Prequel by Marcus James

“Family secrets are hard to hide, sometimes they claw their way out. - Guardian Unforgiven by Nollen Bradley