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A Bewitching Tuesday

Character Interview - Dragon’s First Rule by Silver Milan #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/IqKS30fLNMB

What could go wrong - Demon Freaks by J.R.R.R. Hardison, Jim Hardison #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/GGQr30fLNJ2

Playlist and Excerpt All the Light There Is by Anise Eden #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/8xyo30fLNmK

Delightfully Witchy A Delightfully Witchy Novel Book One Acacia K. Parker #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/pRfg30fLNHf

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 Anthology #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/JQZ330fLNPh

SPOTLIGHT-BETWIXTERS: ONCE UPON A TIME by LAURA C. CANTU #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/k32A30fLNks

A man. A vampire. A love story....A Mortal Indiscretion: Author's Cut by Barbra E. Ross #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/3cJn30fLNcg

Spotlight: Immortally Yours, by Lynsay Sands #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/aTE130fLPaK

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 Anthology #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/PO2O30fLNWX

Genesis 2.0 Book Tour + Giveaway

Xandria Drake: Ancient Rising by Laura C. Cantu - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/FeY730fLQhg

The Divine Heart by Danielle R. Mani #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/cgmX30fLPKg

Nancy Gideon Prince of Fools Haunted Halloween Spooktacular #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/43bS30fLPxG

Secret of Souls by Aubrie Nixon – Book Tour + #Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/jQKp30fLPv9

Spotlight ~ Monsterland, Book One, by Michael Okon ~ Horror, Monsters #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/mqHi30fLPl0

Molly Greyson's Ghost by Roberta Hoffer // review + excerpt + giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/jJFC30fLPhJ

Lycan Fallout - Book Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/tpLc30fLPeg

Tarnish Journey Book Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/XxTJ30fLPCj

The Darkness: Giger, Texas Book Tour #Giveaway! #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/M2qU30fLPIB

Witch’s Eternal by Bri Clark - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/5g1K30fLQfq

Spotlight & Giveaway ~ Delightfully Witchy A Delightfully Witchy Novel by Acacia K. Parker #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/3d5t30fLNCs

Deep in the Hollow Chindi Series Brandy Nacole #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/yveU30fLNAv

Death: Awakening to Life by Christine Contini Tour & Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/pJHC30fLNvi

Book Tour for Molly Greyson’s Ghost by Roberta Hoffer #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/pMdX30fLNsl

#Spotlight ; Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/2kvj30fLNpT

Touched By Death Tour & Excerpt! #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/zyuV30fLPMH

Hinder Book Tour! #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/o7zc30fLP0X

Book Tour ~ Goddess of the Wild Thing by Paul DeBlassie III #bewitchingbooktours

Genesis 2.0 by Collin Piprell: Book Tour with Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/LuyM30fLOOJ

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Flesh by Laura Bickle Book Tour and Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/bg1x30fLO9N

The Darkness: Giger, Texas by Joe M. Solomon Excerpt, Review & Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/jV4m30fLPG9

Hinder: A Bender’s Novel by Kristin Ping @authorkristinP

Evil's Unlikely Assassin by Jenn Windrow - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/vP7330fLO3V

Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien

Immortally Yours by Lynsay Sands Excerpt & Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/wjOE30fLP8A