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A Bewitching Thursday

Midweek Escape with Ann Gimpel Journey to Antarctica http://kayphoenix.blogspot.com/2017/11/author-ann-gimpel.html

INTERVIEW - Fire Born (The Guardian Series, #1) by Rayanne Haines #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/Lt4b30gUPVQ

Holy Crap! The World is Ending! How a Trip to the Bookstore Led to Sex with an Alien and the Destruction of Earth (The Anunnaki Chronicles, Book One) by Anna-Marie Abell ~ Humorous Paranormal Romance #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/B8lr30gUQ45

Ghost Slayer by Majanka Verstraete #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/HRfd30gUQ1y

Witch for Hire Shyla Colt #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/MtZu30gUQol

Whispers Of The Past Book Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/cIGz30gUQgm

Last Resort Book Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/s9za30gUQ7s

Featuring Ghost Slayer, a new adult paranormal book, by Majanka Verstraete #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/ko0K30gUPZ8

Book Spotlight ~ Nemesis (Immortal War Series, Book 1) by Suzanne Madron #Horror #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/7fka30gUQb4

Damned Blog Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/vFSb30gUPQ3