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A Bewitching Tuesday

GUEST POST - White Water Passion by Dawn Luedecke

A Holiday Recipe from L.P. Maxa w/ Happy Place feature & #Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/xVzC30haKVA

Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ Riding with James Dean by David-Matthew Barnes #YA #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/My0O30haLdF

Red Sleeper The Berlin Fraternity Universe Book Two by Brian Downes Book Tour #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/6lXS30haLbz

No Matter How Hard He Tried, He Couldn't Give Her Up. Haunted by Shari Nichols. #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/Wm0G30haKZd

Spotlight On A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance by Tena Stetler

Vices and Virtues An Anthology of the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Dark Virtues https://serenasynn.blogspot.com/2017/12/vices-and-virtues-anthology-of-seven.html

Bewitching Book Tours Holiday Extravaganza with Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/dXcX30haLls

The Demon Within by Joshua Gagnier Book Tour and Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/7M5O30haLhk

HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANzA - Fangs for the Holidays (A Vehicle City Vampires Short Story) by Roxanne Rhoads #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/NeNr30haKSm

Check Out the Damned Series by LM Pruitt

No matter how he tried, he couldn’t give her up. #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/4Q5y30haKXn

Spotlight & #Giveaway~ Deadly Eleven: A Collection of Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, and Horror Thrillers #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/LZvI30haKMr

A Path Through by Janna Olsen Spratt #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/Wxd030haKcV

Spotlight Fallen by Tenaya Jayne #bewithcingbooktours http://ow.ly/psMy30haKa1

HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANSA - Mistletoe (The Smokey Blues, #6) by Emily Mims #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/1Hzt30haKQ2

White Water Passion by Dawn Luedecke @d_luedecke #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/pJeU30haLs0

Deadly Eleven #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/N30E30haKNZ

A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance by Tena Stetler #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/miAN30haK7K