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A Bewitching Tuesday

Interview with K.A. Emmons Author of The Blood Race #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/CTpg30lREA6

Halloween Flash Fiction The Girl at the Back of the Train by G.S. Denning http://paranormalists.blogspot.com/2018/09/halloween-flash-fiction-girl-at-back-of.html

Rebecca's Quest Finding Book Eight Blair Drake #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/hBxw30lREw8

Crimson Vale: A Modern Gothic Love Story by Jennifer Harlow with Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/ZAv630lRDVO

The Blood Race The Blood Race Trilogy Book One by K. A. Emmons Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/pyWN30lREyG

The Meadows by London Clarke Haunted Halloween Spooktacular #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/BIZ730lREF0

Friday the 13th 3D: 36 Years in the Making Guest Blog by Thomas S. Flowers #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/UFJ430lRECV

The Blood Race Trilogy Books 1 and 2 by K.A. Emmons #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/XKms30lREBw

Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ Rebecca’s Quest (Finding Magic, Book Eight) by Blair Drake ~ Paranormal Romance #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/GAjE30lREvl

Guest Blog by Nancy Gideon - Vampires Versus Werewolves #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/36CE30lREt4

Dawn of the Dead (1978): Remembering George A. Romero’s Greatest Film ~ Guest Blog by Thomas S. Flowers, Author of Planet of the Dead, Book One #Horror #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/AJjN30lREq0

Pawned by Laura Bickle #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/MsDJ30lRElC

A Haunted Halloween Spooktacular by Tena Stetler: A DEMON"S WITCH: **ALSO: Learn about the Haunting of Cripple Creek - Giveaway** #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/I6Fg30lRDMM

Crimson Vale: A Modern Gothic Love Story by Jennifer Harlow #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/70Gi30lRDUH

Haven Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Book Tour + Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/4v2r30lREgz

A Witch’s Journey A Witch’s Journey Series Book One Tena Stetler #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/4KC230lRDPr

Haunted by Darkness - Book Tour and Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/PHNJ30lREdc

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Tour for Flesh by Laura Bickle #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/q5gy30lREbo

Malevolent by S. Peters-Davis - Haunted Halloween Spooktacular #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/HzIY30lREaj

Stalk Haunted Spooktacular Book Tour + Giveaway #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/Dhbx30lREf1

Fey by Kirsten Weiss #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/W1C730lRE66

Giveaway from Celia Breslin #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/GXMN30lRE3N

Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Crimson Vale by Jennifer Harlow #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/DnW130lRDSq

A Haunted Halloween Spooktacular: IMMORTAL DESCENT by Carolyn M. Walker: **Festive Poem-Giveaway** #bewitchingbooktours http://ow.ly/k6cn30lRDKw